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I am hooked, and highly recommend this product to anyone who will listen!

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I have been interested in adding bugs to my diet for quite some time, but while specialty shops were popping up in trendy areas, there was nothing near me. And buying candy with a worm in it was not idea of heath. So I was very excited to find out I can order some high quality ground crockets, ready to use in my own recipes. Since I don't eat dairy, eggs or gluten, it was also helpful to know, that this was a pure powder, rather than a product "enriched with crickets". To date, I have successfully used this product in the following recipes: pancakes, brownies, falafel, tofu scramble and pasta sauce. The powder adds a negligible "popcorn" favor to the recipe, however it packs a punch in terms of nutrition! I am hooked, and highly recommend this product to anyone who will listen!

This testimony was originally featured on Havalina's website!

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Havalina Gurevich, Artist and Entomophagy Enthusiast

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